Commercial and Residential Real Estate

  •   A complex real estate matter that arose out of the multi-million-dollar purchase of four commercial properties in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. The plaintiff buyer claimed the defendant seller breached the Purchase and Sale Agreement by failing to, among other issues, remove a tenant’s right to first refusal to purchase one of the properties, thereby making it impossible to go forward with the purchase and causing the plaintiff to incur significant damages. The settlement ultimately involved a cash payment and options to purchase the properties once all clouds on the title were removed. 

  • A real estate matter arising out of the sale of a home which the defendant purchased, remodeled, and then sold shortly thereafter. The plaintiff claimed fraud and breach of contract including allegations that the defendant failed to disclose material defects at the home, concealed defects, and did not properly fill out the TDS forms as part of the sale of the home. The matter also involved alleged issues related to the standard California Association of Realtors form which was used to sell the home.  

  • An action involving the alleged breach of a leasing agreement due to the failure to maintain the common areas.
  • An action involving the alleged failure to disclose lead and other environmental issues in a standard C.A.R. agreement for a “flipped” home.
  • An action involving the failure to disclose grading work which had been performed by the seller on the property before new construction of a single family home.
  • An action involving the breach of a commercial lease agreement based on the number of parking spots allowed on the property.
  • An action involving significant security deposits and return of same.
  • An action involving the standard TDS disclosures in the C.A.R. agreement arising out of the sale of a single family home.
  • An action involving the failure to disclose prior repairs, water intrusion and mold arising out of the sale of a single family home.
  • An action involving breach of the sale of a commercial building related to rent rolls and active tenants.
  • An action involving the sale of an apartment building involving misrepresentations regarding tenants, rents and expenses.
  • An action involving a commercial shopping center related to breaches of maintenance and security requirements.
  • An action involving interpretation of the “as is” provision in a purchase and sale agreement.