• A wildfire matter allegedly caused by power line issues and the failure to properly trim trees adjacent to the trigger point of the fire resulting in damage to property, including business losses. The matter involved subrogation and inverse condemnation claims and cross actions for indemnity.
  • A landslide matter due to the alleged failure to maintain the slope at issue and allegations of over-watering of the adjacent property resulting in property damage, including cross claims for indemnity.
  • A fire matter allegedly caused by negligent and illegal machine shop activities resulting in damage to adjacent properties, including an old car collection damaged by the fire.
  • A flood case due to the alleged failure to maintain irrigation ditches, including alleged toxic exposure to chemicals from a tannery that was flooded which then spread throughout the community. The matter involved both personal injuries and property damage.
  • A wildfire matter due to alleged negligent tree trimming activities, including cross actions and inverse condemnation.
  • A slope failure matter due to alleged negligent grading and construction of a single family home development above the neighborhood below.
  • A fire matter caused by the alleged negligent storing of flammable materials which spread to adjacent properties.
  • A toxic tort/tight building syndrome matter involving alleged toxic exposure due to off gassing of construction materials, including paints and floor tiles during the remodeling of a high rise office building.
  • Chinese drywall bodily injury actions arising out of the installation of allegedly toxic drywall in single family homes.
  • Multiple matters involving the installation of defective pipes in multi-family homes in multiple developments, including cross actions for indemnity.
  • Multiple matters involving alleged defective roof tiles in multi-family homes, including actions for indemnity.
  • An anti-trust price fixing matter involving multiple restaurants.
  • Multiple wage and hour class actions, including PAGA claims, related to a variety of issues, including failure to provide breaks, time clock violations and overtime claims for non-exempt employees.
  • Multiple class actions for alleged construction defects in large single family home developments.
  • A bodily injury/nuisance claim allegedly caused by fumes from a bleach factory to people in a neighboring community.