• A wage and hour /PAGA matter in which the plaintiff sought 7 figures to resolve the matter and the defense had an affirmative claim for interference with an economic relationship and trade secret violations. The alleged employment violations included failure to pay over-time, failure to provide meal breaks and regular breaks, and paycheck violations. The parties reached a confidential settlement at the mediation including a dismissal of the entire action.
  • The Claimant alleged that the employer owed her (1) overtime premium wages (2) meal period premiums, (3) rest period premiums, (4) reporting time pay, and (5) reimbursable business expenses and included claims for discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, meal and rest break violations, unpaid overtime, waiting time penalties, and non-compliant wage statements and a PAGA claim to recover civil penalties. The employer claimed Claimant performed unauthorized overtime work, systematic tardiness, despite multiple warnings and an individual counseling session, in combination with her unauthorized overtime, work led to her termination.
  • Multiple DFEH discrimination claims.
  • A matter involving alleged discrimination, harassment, and retaliation against Plaintiff. The defense claimed the plaintiff was not their employee as he was employed by a Staffing Company and the Staffing Company terminated his employment.
  • Multiple cases involving (1) disability discrimination; (2) failure to provide reasonable accommodation; (3) failure to engage in the interactive process; (4) wrongful termination in violation of FEHA; (5) wrongful termination in violation of public policy (for reporting violations of the law); (6) retaliation in violation FEHA; and (7) retaliation in violation of public policy.
  • Matters involving alleged discrimination, wrongful termination, and retaliation.
  • Multiple wage and hour violation cases, including class actions.
  • An employment matter arising out the alleged retaliatory termination of an assistant teacher Plaintiff claimed that she was wrongfully terminated after she complained about purported workplace safety violations and abuse/neglect of children by another teacher.