• Multiple subrogation matters arising out of product issues and property damage related to stoves, refrigerators, grills, plumbing lines and fixtures.
  • Multiple inverse condemnation matters involving fires, slope failure and flooding.
  • Plaintiff general contractor claimed defendant homeowner failed to pay for remodeling work performed at the defendant’s home. The defendant homeowner contended that the work was defective and had yet to be completed.
  • Plaintiff subcontractor and the general contractor sued the defendant property owner for breach of contract and to enforce a mechanics lien for failure to pay for their work during the new construction of a single family home. The defendant claimed the subcontractor and general contractor overcharged for the work, caused delay to the project and the work was defective, and therefore disputed any monies were owed and sought additional damages.
  • Plaintiff, a website constructor, contended that defendant, an online beauty supply company, failed to pay for work it performed creating the defendant’s website. The defendant contended that they were overcharged and the website took too long to construct and did not meet the basic requirements for online sales, and as a result defendant suffered damages in excess of the amount owed, seeking recovery from the plaintiff.
  • A breach of contract and delay arising out of construction matter, which arose out of the ground up, new construction of a hotel in Orange County. The owner claimed liquidated damages as a result of delay in the completion of the project. The general contractor claimed they were owed money for their work on the project and disputed the delay claim. In addition, 4 subcontractors had filed individual lien/breach of contract actions against the general contractor for monies owed. In response, the general contractor disputed the amounts owed and had filed cross-complaints related to the owner’s delay and liquidated damage claims.
  • Multiple Breach of Contract claims between businesses arising out of alleged failure to pay for manufactured goods.
  • Multiple Breach of Contract claims between an individual and a business arising out of alleged failure to pay for services rendered and alleged misrepresentations and misappropriation of funds were at issue.
  • Business dispute arising out of alleged material breach of the contract and the defense of wrongful termination.
  • Trade secret and unfair competition matters.
  • Failure to pay third party referral fees and alleged misappropriation of funds.
  • Plaintiff alleged Defendant breached its contract by failing to pay over $5 million in fees and incentives related to an investment banking agreement wherein Plaintiff was retained to find funding for a condominium project in Mexico. Defendant cross-complained for fraud and rescission related to the same contract.
  • An insurance coverage/bad faith action filed by a homeowner against her insurance carrier in which the insured homeowner plaintiff’s home was burglarized and she made a claim for stolen personal property and damage to the flooring at the home as a result of the burglary. The carrier denied coverage for the personal property pursuant to the forced entry requirement in the policy and disputed the amount the insured was entitled to for the property damage. The defense also contended the claim was fraudulent. The plaintiff also sought punitive damages.
  • Coverage disputes involving duty to defend, time on risk and policy exclusions.
  • Duty to defend matters related to additional insured endorsements.
  • Matters involving alleged bad faith.